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Character & Paragraph
Styles in InDesign

Erica Gamet

Jan 08, 2013

Erica walks you through when, where and how to use paragraph and character styles in InDesign to make your docs more efficient.



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Barry Anderson

We have merged and the forums into one of the largest Adobe Creative Suite user community on the web.   Please stop by and check out the forums and see what is happening.

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Join Erica Gamet for a free webinar "GET A GRIP ON GREP". 


August 16th 11am PST/2pm EST


Does the mere mention of the foreign-sounding GREP send your heart racing? Do you just pretend it doesn’t exist or think it’s over your head? As a designer, you owe it to yourself to get familiar with and harness the power of GREP for automating text through styles and the Find/Change feature. Whether you end up creating GREP expressions on your own, or use the built-in options, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to explore the world of GREP.

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