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The ePublishing Conference Chicago

October 8 - 10, 2012

Schedule subject to change


 Monday October 8th


Track 1 - InDesign Conference

InDesign: eBooks, and HTML

Track 2 - ePUBLISHING Conference

Digital Books


Keynote: The State of Digital Publishing

Defining 'digital publishing' is becoming more difficult as the number of platforms, devices, and technologies keep growing. Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of new technologies that have not only changed the very way we consume content, but the way we create it. During this conference, we'll be exploring a wide range of technologies that will allow you to effectively leverage your content across varying user experiences, and satisfy a range of consumer needs — from providing on-demand print files rich in layout, to searchable, swipable, video-enabled documents that work across computer screens, phones and tablets.

10:30 - 11:45 a

What's New in InDesign CS6 - Overview

What could Adobe possibly add to the world’s most advanced layout tool? How about Liquid Layout for adapting your design across varying page sizes and digital devices? How about interactive PDF Form creation? How about Alternate Layouts with Linked Content? See what InDeisgn CS6 has in store for your digital documents with these features and many more. Publish across a variety of devices in formats that include print, digital magazines, ePUB, HTML, and even interactive PDF.

Creating Digital Books with iBooks Author

Early this year,  Apple unveiled their authoring tool for creating rich,  interactive books for the iBooks app on the iPad. Originally marketed toward schools,  these interactive books can target any number of audiences. Come see how quickly you can create interactive content for the iPad.


Lunch (On Your Own)


Preflight and Print Output: Doing it Right Every Time

InDesign offers many great features for the both the creative professional and prepress expert. Learn how these tools can help you save time and money by catching output issues before they happen. We will cover best practices for setting-up documents and show you how to use a GREP Style to set-up different versions. We will conclude this session by Exporting a PDF, discussing the various settings and examine it in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Creating an ePUB with Calibre and Other Tools

Calibre can convert a large number of existing file formats to a wide range of ebook formats. Calibre accepts such file types as PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT and more, and can convert them to such formats as ePub, .MOBI, and PDF, to name a few. Considering most applications can 'Save as' some form of HTML or PDF, including applications like Microsoft Word, Calibre can turn most any application into an ePub authoring tool. In addition, we'll look at other tools for creating ePubs for the most popular platforms.


InDesign to ePUB - Part 1

With products like the iPad and HP Slate,  the iPhone and Android,  Kindle and Sony eReader,  ePub-format ebooks are the next big publishing wave. At the center of this publishing revolution is InDesign. Learn the new features in InDesign CS6 that allow you to take total control over the creation of your ePubs,  including a brand new Articles panel.

Fixed-sized and Interactive ePUBs

While the flexibility of ePUB allows for adaptive layout and font sizes,  this format is very limited in terms of design and interactivity. Enter fixed layout iBooks. This format,  based loosly on the ePUB 3.0 spec, allows you to use HTML,  CSS and JavaScript to create engaging interactive books for the iPad. Come see examples of interactive children's books,  and learn how you can create these yourself.


InDesign to ePUB - Part 2

This session continues with InDesign CS6 advanced ePub capabilities,  including inserting multimedia and video,  advanced control over image formatting and optimization,  and a brand new way to work with anchored objects. Learn how InDesign lets you cross publish to multiple digital formats from a single document.

Adding Video and CSS to an ePUBs

With the multimedia specifications in ePub 3,  the opportunity for animation and video becomes much greater in many eReader environments. Animations can consist of animated GIF,  video,  and even JavaScript. We'll explore animation and video creation techniques in tools like Photoshop,  Sencha Animator,  Fireworks,  the Media Encoder and more.


 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Unwind with us after the conference!
MOGO Media has arranged for a fun, inexpensive networking event for Monday evening.  Please join us for a night of bowling and pool. 
Lucky Strike
Rivers East Center
322 E Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 6061
Form your own team - $65 per lane – 8 people maximum to a lane
$10 for individuals – team formed by us
$4.95 – shoe rental
Food & Beverage on your own
For directions on how to get to the lanes using public transportation, please visit:
Sign up in the MOGO Media registration area, outside room W190a and W190b at McCormick Place.


Tuesday October 9th


Track 1  - InDesign Conference


Track 2 - ePUBLISHING Conference

Publishing Digital Content


Create an Interactive Magazine with Adobe DPS - Part 1

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite builds on many of InDesign’s interactive capabilities. We’ll show you a step-by-step approach to working with Multi-state Objects,  video,  and hyperlinks in conjunction with the new Overlay Creator panel. In addition,  we’ll explore the required document structure required to publish to Adobe’s magazine platform.

Animate for Phones and iPad using Adobe Edge

Creating web animations for phones and tablets can be quite tedious,  and immersed in code. Not anymore! Come explore Adobe’s new animation and interaction design application. With Adobe Edge,  you can create engaging content with minimal effort,  and use that content in a digital magazine with InDesign,  in an iBook with iBooks Author,  import it into Adobe Muse,  or publish it to your website.


Create an Interactive Magazine with Adobe DPS - Part 2

In addition to more traditional interactive elements,  the new Overlay Creator panel contains more advanced interactive capabilities,  including swipe-able 360º photography,  panoramas,  web views,  and even HTML stacks; which can harness all of the power of HTML,  CSS and JavaScript!

Build your Website without Code using Adobe Muse

Would you like to design a website without dealing with code? Adobe Muse is a full featured,  fully visual web design tool. Learn how to plan,  design and create your website with a tool similar to InDesign. Create slideshows and menus with built-in widgets,  add graphics,  animation,  and video with simple drag-and-drop ease. When complete,  simply export and upload your website... and you're done!


Lunch (On Your Own)


Liquid Layout with InDesign

Have you been enticed to create digital magazines... only to be overwhelmed at the number of devices and screens you have to design for? InDesign CS6’s Liquid Layout comes to the rescue. Learn to create a single layout,  and add “layout rules” and guides that transform your content across multiple page sizes. See how InDesign can multiply your layouts without multiplying your time. Create customized documents for a variety of devices in a fraction of the time.

Intro to jQuery for Designers

What is jQuery and why all the hype? jQuery provides you with a series of shorthand JavaScript instructions that make creating animations and interactive web pages a snap. Come see how quickly and easily you can spice up your web pages with a few simple lines of jQuery. Use your new skills on websites,  in digital magazines,  iBooks,  or even start tinkering under-the-hood of Adobe Edge files (Edge uses jQuery too).


Automating with Styles

InDesign is the most stylin’ application in the Creative Suite! Did you know InDesign has styles for graphics? Did you know you can nest text styles? Did you know that styles can be updated based on other styles? Learn how to increase your productivity with InDesign and automate aspects of your design workflow by leveraging the power of InDesign’s vast style capabilities.


Video Editing with Photoshop CS6

Do you have a bunch of videos,  photos,  and audio clips lying around from your phones and cameras? What can you do with all this media? Photoshop CS6 redefines media editing with a brand new timeline. Come see the new video editing timeline of Photoshop CS6. Learn to edit multiple tracks fo video and audio,  animate artwork,  create titles,  and run filters across video — as simply as you manipulate photos. Add video to your projects digital publications without learning a new application.


InDesign Tips, Tricks, and Secrets


Anything goes as long as it’s little known useful tricks with a broad appeal. You never know what tips our speakers will come up with,  but you can bet you’ll want to have your notebook ready!


 Wednesday October 10th


Track 1 - InDesign Conference


 Track 2 - ePUBLISHING Conference


Create an Interactive Documents with InDesign - Part 1

Learn the interactive tools available in InDesign and how to begin using them. This session will cover hyperlinks,  table of contents,  indexing,  bookmarks,  hyperlink destinations,  and buttons. See how InDesign will allow you to publish to Interactive PDF or SWF (Flash),  all from the same document.

Edge Animate Deep Dive - Part 1

Create an Interactive Documents with InDesign - Part 2

Learn to use nested Master Pages to control interactivity within your documents. Edit and export video from Photoshop,  then prepare F4V (Flash video) for importing into InDesign. Set playback controls and navigation points to video with the new Media panel. Create interactive page elements with Buttons and Multi-state Objects. Animate elements with the Animation panel,  and control the timing with the Timing panel. Then,  learn some advanced techniques to give your InDesign generated SWF that professional polish.

Edge Animate Deep Dive - Part 2


Lunch (On Your Own)


XML for InDesigners

XML is being used everywhere today. It's on the Internet,  it's on your cell phone,  it may also be in your latest ebook. InDesign has some of the most powerful XML tools and capabilities of any current desktop application and they are built right in. Come learn how you can use XML to create all types of documents dynamically from data stored in XML format. Create business cards,  catalogs,  price lists,  books and manuals with a single click of the mouse. But that's not all. InDesign also uses XML to enable you to export the contents of existing InDesign files to XML. Export text and data from your newsletters,  magazines,  books and brochures to use on your website or content management system (CMS). Every day new applications are created for XML in almost every industry. Don't miss this session to get the latest information on XML and InDesign.

Muse Deep Dive - Part 1

InDesign CS6 to HTML

The new HTML features of InDesign are not only for ePub. While it is true, ePubs are HTML, InDesign’s new capabilities allow you to use it for designing web content as well. See examples of how InDesign can be used in web workflows to help you create cross-channel content even faster.

 Muse Deep Dive - Part 2

 Q&A and Prizes

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