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Tztom Toda

Keynote Speaker

Since 1980, renowned designer Tztom Toda has been focusing on editorial design and book making for thousands of publications, including magazines, corporate newsletters, college brochures, CD-ROMs and HD images. He is the author of D-ZONE Editorial Design 1975-1999 (Seidosha) and Into Electronic Thinking... (Nikkei, Inc.), managing editor of d/SIGN magazine (Ohta Publishing Co.) and graphic/design magazine (Sayusha), and professor at Kobe Design University.

Yuichi Inomata

Conference Chairman

Yuichi Inomata founded the first Macintosh-based service bureau in Japan, Graphitech, in Tokyo Namikibashi in 1986.  Based on this experience, he set up a Macintosh user support organization and started the design information magazine MdN (Macintosh designers Network). Along with his colleagues, Diane Burns and the late David Smith, Mr. Inomata was a key participant in the early days of DTP in Japan. Since 1989, he has been Professor of Graphic Design at Tama Art University. Mr. Inomata is also Head Director of Japan Publishing Consortium (JPC).

Diane Burns

TechArt International

Diane Burns is one of the early pioneers in electronic publishing, both in Japan and the U.S.A. In 1984 she founded TechArt International in San Francisco, which was one of the first Macintosh-based design firms in the U.S.A. and today is one of the leading U.S. firms for print and web design, specializing in East Asian languages. Diane was an active consultant to Apple Computer Japan from 1987 to 1995, and earned the nickname "DTP no ha ha" (Mother of DTP). During those years she wrote articles that appeared in several issues of MdN Magazine. She served on the Board of Directors of TechArt Japan, Inc., which was established from 1993-2003. In the U.S., she is an Adobe Authorized Instructor and the author of several books and many articles on publishing, including frequent contributions to InDesign Magazine.

David Blatner

David Blatner is the author of 15 books on topics such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress and has spoken at conferences and workshops around North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. In the early 1990s he spoke a number of times in Japan on the topic of QuarkXPress, but today he is a firm believer in InDesign, PDF, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Blatner is the co-host of and the editorial director of both InDesign Magazine and The Creative Suite Conference. Over a half a million copies of his books are in print in 14 languages, winning him awards and praise from readers. 

Kikuo Akabane

President, Grafine Corporation

After about twenty years in the advertising industry, Kikuo Akabane now works as a graphics consultant, designing and promoting digital workflows. He is Chairman of the PDF Committee at Japan Publishing Consortium (JPC), a WG2 member of the HD Image Data Exchange Technology Research and Standardization Committee at Japan Standards Association (JSA), and the author of Evolving Paper Media (Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.), Adobe Creative Suite 2 Professional Book (Genkosha Co.), and Introduction to Full Digital Workflow, a serial online article at

Yasuo Hoshina

Visual Processing Japan

Yasuo Hoshina is Vice President of Sales for Visual Processing Japan. He is an advocate of digital asset management solutions and system integration centered around “Webnative” printing, publishing and advertising.  He is also acting product manager in charge of “Press-sense iWay” – VPJ’s on-line print business solution.

Seuzo Ichikawa

Thinks Co.,Ltd.

Seuzo Ichikawa is an InDesign scripting expert and author of the book Introduction to Adobe InDesign for QuarkXPress Users. Examples of his work can be found on his web site, Showtime + one (in Japanese only). His seminar will answer questions such as "This script seems interesting, but how can I use it?" He will show the audience how to minimize the repetition of their routine work and discover an unknown side of InDesign.

Isao Kanagawa

Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Since joining Shinchosha, he’s served as an editor in visual art magazines, book editing and the production field. Currently integrating visual art books like photography magazines such as the Dragonfly Book. Almost all work is produced in InDesign. At this conference, he will speak about how they came about publishing Shinchosha’s InDesign mojikumi setting on Adobe’s “Mojikumi setting manual” and website. It is a field report how the aestheticism of Japanese typesetting cultivated from the phototypesetting era was carried on to DTP rather than the details of how-tos.

Masahito Kawai

President, MacSTATION, Inc.

Masahito Kawai is President of MacSTATION, Inc. He bought a Mac Plus when the exchange rate was 230 yen/dollar, and became a fanatic while suffering from multiple price reductions. This Mac was purchased for business purposes at the time, but he evolved into selling Macs in 1989 and continued to deepen his Mac fanaticism through Mac IIx and NTX-J.  He founded MacStation in 1991.  Since then, he has offered system integration services including LAN/WAN network, servers, storage, Mac/PC stations and securities while always keeping in mind he is a user himself.  His motto is not to have solid models for sales and support but to offer integration suggestions optimized for each customer needs.  Adobe Advanced Dealer and Apple Solution Expert.

Yoshinori Kikuchi

President/Art Director, AR Inc.

Yoshinori Kikuchi is the president/art director of AR, a graphic design firm which produces magazines and books in various fields, such as Digital Camera Magazine, Nikkei Architecture and Yoiko no Gakushu (Learning for Good Children). He introduced InDesign into his firm's editorial design workflow at Version 1.0, produced over half of its annual output using InDesign in 2005, and has transitioned nearly 100% to InDesign as its base operation as of today.

Masaaki Kobayashi

Editor-in-Chief, Mac Fan magazine

After entering the Sales Department of Mainichi Communications Inc. in 1992, Masaaki Kobayashi moved to the Edit Department for Mac Fan magazine in 1998. He became the editor-in-chief of the monthly Mac Fan Beginners in 2002, and also started serving as the editor-in-chief of Mac Fan in 2003. During the same year, he combined those two magazines and released as a new monthly Mac Fan, which he still publishes today.

Masaki Kogi

Editor-in-Chief, +DESIGNING magazine

After working for an art publisher, Masaki Kogi entered Works Corporation Inc. in 1998 and served as the editor-in-chief of DTPWORLD and CGWORLD magazines. He joined Mainichi Communications Inc. in 2005, started publishing +DESIGNING magazine in June, 2006, and currently works as the editor-in-chief of +DESIGNING and +DTP magazines.

Takashi Matsuda

Digital AD Service, Inc.

Takashi Matsuda is a graduate Applied Mathematics and Physics Course in School of Informatics and Mathematical Science Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University. After developing mainframe systems at Teijin, Inc., he founded Digital AD Service, Inc. and started engaging in all facets of document production business.  He is currently working on streamlining production processes and constructing database workflows between commercial databases and DTP.

Takeshi Matsuhisa


Currently works at Software Ten-nines Company Image Processing, Inspection and Measurement Software Division, developing the workflow RIP "Trueflow SE," as well as managing its built-in "Adobe PDF Print Engine." Since joining Screen, he has worked on prepress-related products such as CEPS "Sigma 3000," software RIP "Renatus" and OPI server "GetThePicture." He has also been in charge of research of DTP since the era of QuarkXPress Ver2.0, and currently writes the "Trueflow DTP Output Guidline" - a collection of technical information regarding PDF workflow - published on Screen's website.

Nat McCully

Adobe Systems

Nat McCully began his career in desktop publishing while majoring in Japanese Art History at the University of Chicago, setting up typesetting systems and laying out the Asian language menus for United Airlines in PageMaker.  In 1991 he joined what would become the Japanese Development Group at Claris Corporation, where he worked on many different Japanese software programs such as MacWrite II-J and ClarisWorks-J. In 1997 he was transferred to Apple Computer to lead text development on AppleWorks 6. In 1998 he joined Adobe Systems and began work on InDesign-J. Nat currently is a Senior Computer Scientist working on Asian text development projects across the company in addition to his work on InDesign.

Yuji Mori

Yuji Mori is a freelance designer based in Nagoya, and has hosted websites called InDesign Study Room and DTP Study Room. He currently writes serial articles such as Paradigm of InDesign for DTPWORLD and Practice Edition of Mac OS X by Okubo Design Office for Mac Fan.

Hiroki Nakajima

Daimaru Graphics/Daimaru Printing Co., Ltd.

Hiroki Nakajima is a graduate of Tokyo Polytechnic University. After serving at then Tokyo Technical Center at Dainippon Screen MFG. Co., Ltd., he joined Daimaru Graphics/Daimaru Printing Co., Ltd. There he created quality assurance systems for all facets of printing by introducing Japan’s first CIP3 technology. By fully digitizing the entire process, he managed the printing of full-digital publication “effects” in collaboration with Yuichi Inomata. Since that time, he’s been engaged mainly in printing design publications. Mr. Nakajima is nationally recognized level I DTP and Printing Technician.

Mika Nakamura

Adobe Systems

Mika Nakamura is Product Manager for InDesign Family Products and Illustrator CCJK versions. She moved to the United States from Tokyo, Japan in 1996, and has been part of InDesign Development team since US release 1.0 as a QE Lead.

Yasuhito Nagahara

Graphic Designer and Tama Art University Professor

Yasuhito Nagahara is a graphic designer and a professor in the Information Design Department of Tama Art University. He has worked on book design, web projects, art direction of art exhibits, and promoting design that spans across all media.  His major work includes "Cyber Japan Zone" at Aichi Expo and the Shueitai Exhibit Room in the DNP Gotanda building. He also authored "Design with Computer" (MdN Corporation), "Japanese Language Design" (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha), and co-authored "Design Language" (Keio University Press). A winner of MMCA Multi-Media Grand Prix.

Koji Osato


Koji Osato is the president of THINKSNEO and art director of Arcadia Monthly magazine (Enterbrain, Inc.), and also works as a part-time instructor at Correspondence Division Faculty of Arts, Osaka University of Arts. He is the author of Killer DTP Techniques by Professionals: Secrets of Comprehensive Usage of Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Mainichi Communications Inc.) and co-author of the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Official Training Book (Works Corporation Inc.). He has written numerous other publications under the name of Koji Hasegawa.

Shin Sobue

Art Director/Graphic Designer, cozfish

A graduate of the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University in 1981, Shin Sobue founded cozfish Ltd. in 1993. He won a Kodansha Cultural Award in the Book Design Category for Shigeru Sugiura's Manga House Vol. 1-5 in 1997, and a Minister of Education Award in the Book Making/Binding Contest for Kuranokami and King of Children (Mystery Land series by Kodansha) in 2003. Designing mainly for publications, advertising and commercial goods, he is currently involved in logo and graphic design for Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, Kagawa.

Kyoji Tahara


Kyoji Tahara joined Toppan Printing Company in 1985. Since that time, he's been involved in R&D of CTS (computerized typesetting system), standardization of published content via XML, technologies around e-publishing, text application technology in digital devices, meta-data of stored content, next-generation map info service, etc. Currently in charge of developing the CTS system for InDesign. He also has contributed in many standardization activities outside Toppan, such as JepaX, JIS X 4051, technologies surrounding the generation and distribution of ubiquitous information, multi-modal web mining technology, and "indexfont study group," a group that standardizes and catalogs all Japanese characters.

Keith Tang

Starlite Group, Hong Kong

Keith Tang has been working in the digital prepress sector since 1994. His major responsibility in Starlite Group includes the collaboration and standardization of prepress services among the subsidiary companies. Starlite Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, designs and manufactures commercial printed packaging and paper products for clients world wide. As one of Asia's premier one-stop packaging shops, Starlite Group provides state-of-the-art digital prepress, printing technologies, and advanced postpress services. Starlite is an Authorized Adobe Print Service Provider.

Masahito Tsuchiya

Dentsu Tec Inc.

Masahito Tsuchiya first encountered DTP in 1989 at a printing company he served for six years. After joining Dentsu Actis Inc. (later Dentsu Tec Inc), he has engaged in digitizing ad production.  He participated in industry standardization of color, production rules, etc. at the dawn of digital delivery of magazine ads.  He now works to promote full digital workflow for "one-stop production services." Also serves as a board member and vice chairman of PDF Committee at the non-profit Japan Publishing Consortium.

Hiroshi Ueno

President, ProField Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Ueno has supervised countless projects from mission-critical business operations to control systems in software development, and currently focuses on XML-related issues and training engineers in object-oriented programming. He has an extensive knowledge of system integration by utilizing Adobe Systems products. He has been involved in InDesign's plug-in development since Version 1.0, and is an expert in typesetting-automation programming.

Tetsuya Yonetani

Art Director, Mac Fan/+DESIGNING magazines

After working for a design firm in Osaka, Tetsuya Yonetani founded PASS Inc. in 1989. He has been working as the art director for Mac Fan, +DESIGNING and +DTP magazines since their first issues were published. He received a Japan Book Publishers Association President's Award in 1998 Book Making/Binding Contest.

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